Raw Black Beach Honey Dew

Dhs. 152.00

 Black beech honeydew honeycomb is a unique and exquisite honey product, crafted from the sweet secretions of aphids feeding on black beech trees in New Zealand. This honeycomb is characterized by its rich, complex flavor profile with earthy undertones. The honeycomb structure adds a delightful texture to the experience, combining the smoothness of honey with the chewiness of the comb. Enjoy it as a spread on toast, crumbled over desserts, or paired with cheeses for a gourmet treat. Beyond its culinary uses, black beech honeydew honeycomb is appreciated for potential health benefits, attributed to its natural enzymes and antioxidants. Its distinct taste and versatility make it a luxurious and health-conscious addition to various culinary delights.

Country of Origin: New Zealand
Ingredients: 100% Raw Honey

Cheese Pairing



Jar: 250